20 Dec 2012

Good review of the Argonaut VI by K4SWL

Although I was critical of the price of the Ten-Tec Argonaut VI QRP transceiver at $995, I see it has received a rave review on the QRPer blog today from K4SWL who was one of the beta testers.  In his opinion it is better than an Elecraft K2 with a receiver that is likely to be highly rated in the Sherwood tests.

The Argonaut VI image on the QRPer.com website
As he points out, this is not really a "trail-friendly" radio. Rather, it is a small radio designed mainly for home use where its excellent performance, size (a bit smaller than the K2) and good ergonomics make it ideal. He praises the simple uncluttered controls and ease of use and the nice flywheel tuning knob. But, overall he rates it and likens it to a miniature Ten-Tec Eagle with superb DSP performance and RX dynamic range.

The lack of 60m and 12m and an auto-ATU disappoint me, as does that high price tag, but it does look like this is a very capable little radio. It is just such a pity that it is so expensive. It will be very interesting to see a side-by-side comparison against the KX3 in the coming months.

See also the eHam.net review at http://www.eham.net/reviews/review/115480.

Now if only Father Christmas would bring me either a KX3 or an Argonaut VI, HI.

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