14 Dec 2012

More WISPYs on 10m

The G4SFS version of WISPY
Yesterday I received a nice email from Peter G4SFS who told me that he and Dave G6WZA had made a couple of WISPY 10m WSPR beacon TX units using the schematic on my website. A few values changes were needed - not unexpected - but that they are now working well and receiving spots from distant monitors. This is a photo of one of them. WISPY is a simple QRP WSPR beacon for 28MHz using a low cost 14.060MHz crystal and inexpensive 2N3904 transistors throughout.

Conditions on 10m have not been too great of late, although I did exchange reports with PY2SDR at 9616km and 4X1RF. Interestingly, there have been a few early evening WSPR reports from DL which I assume are probably a result of wintertime Es propagation.  At this time of year there is a mini-peak in sporadic-E propagation, so it is worth keeping an eye on 50MHz and 70MHz too.

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Anonymous said...

Will monitor 4 m band today. Looks like we have a high-pressure area, sometimes an indicator for Es.
73 Ron