14 Dec 2012

HF conditions

It is December 2012 and we have either have just passed, or are just approaching, the sunspot maximum for cycle 24. Conditions cannot be called fantastic can they?

Some of you with long memories may recall the BIG peaks of the late 40s and 50s and look back at them fondly.  I think we have no choice but to accept that those days have now gone for a generation and we have to make the best use of our bands as they are and will now be.

Even with much lower sunspot numbers the higher bands will still be able to support DX more often than thought. WSPR beaconing through the full solar cycle may reveal some surprises. In many ways the quiet times offer more interest although monitoring 10m for days and days on end and hearing just noise can be disheartening! This is when WSPR will be especially useful.

Anyway we are still near the peak and there is DX to be worked so let's enjoy it!

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