27 Oct 2012

CQWW SSB DX contest 2012 (28MHz) - a recording

Well, Oct 27th 2012 and the CQWW DX contest is in full swing. 28MHz is filled with SSB stations all the way from about 28.25MHz right through to 29MHz, with even a few SSB stations on top of the AM users around 29.05MHz. Conditions appear to be excellent for the contest and they are likely to hold up for tomorrow too.  I was able to work 5 continents in 50 minutes this morning with 5W SSB and a halo.
In 5 years or so, this day will seem like a dream with 10m probably dead and devoid of activity. So, for posterity, I made a sound recording late this morning of the 10m band as I tuned across it and later this video at around 1630z.

Here is an earlier sound recording CQWW SSB DX contest 1125z October 27th 2012. Recorded near Cambridge, UK.  Feel free to share/use this recording and video. I only made them for posterity so I can remember, in years to come, what 10m was like at a sunspot peak.

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