27 Oct 2012


This week saw the launch of Windows 8. Also, Google launched a new Chromebook 11.6 inch PC manufactured by Samsung which is getting rave reviews. Chromebooks use Google's Chrome OS which is very much linked to Cloud based operation.  The new series 3 Chromebook is only £229 from John Lewis complete with a 2 year warranty. In the USA it is available for $249. Now, when I looked I could not see any amateur radio apps for this OS. They will surely come though.
UK retailers include PC World, Amazon and John Lewis. They seem to be selling FAST.

Although I am not sure why, this PC really appeals to me: it is simple, small and effective. The local machine remains uncluttered and safe to use as most of the applications work remotely "in the cloud" although Gmail, Goodle Docs and lots of other apps will work without an internet connection too.

Has any reader used a Chromebook? What were your impressions?


Graham said...

Good day Roger,

I too have noted the Chromebook and it is appealing, so much so that I am very tempted even more so by the fact that you can run LINUX on it.


Perhaps not yet as user friendly as installing something like Ubuntu or Mint but still a good solid step forward. Interestingly, I saw a comment somewhere that the ChromeOS is based on UBUNTU.

This is something to watch. Perhaps around Christmas we will see a Holiday price.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

Kayt Rivermoon said...

Greetings and Happy Holidaze !

I am the owner of an OLD Samsung Chromebook which I have nearly thrown out or given away because its battery died. But I like its form factor and it was a great little machine to have in my lap and surf with while watching (STAR TREK !!!) er, television. The thought occurred to me, why not see if I can get a battery for fairly cheap, install it, and use it for my Ham activities ?

Well, the install went ok, it Booted, and so then I went looking for the Ham apps I use on my android toys. Updated my Chromebook's OS (Try doing THAT on a Windows Box in ten minutes or less !) Then went to the Chrome store..where I found NOTHING. Zip. And...at least as of now, my Chrome will NOT install Android apps.

SO that's the story for now. My understanding is that the Android-to-chrome port is still very much a work in progress...unless you want to try some rooting and code workarounds which sound a bit too complicated for me.

So I wait.....


Carol, WE0IRD