8 May 2012

50MHz, 432MHz and 481THz this evening

Well, this was an interesting evening. Just after teatime I noticed 50MHz was open with some strong Es signals from Europe. A few stations were worked on QRP SSB using the newly erected halo antenna (S52NR, S53OQ and OE5FIN). Heard, but not worked, on 50MHz were CT8/K0RUI in HM68 (Azores Is) and 4X4DK in KM72. Both DX stations were good solid signals on the halo.

Stations worked on 432MHz this evening (5W/4el)
Later I went out portable with my FT817 (5W) and my small "coat hanger" 4 element yagi for the RSGB 432MHz activity contest and worked 14 stations in just over an hour before closing as it was dark and I could not see the logbook very well. Best DX 155km although I did hear, but not work, F8BRK in IN99.

Finally, for the very first time, I have detected GB3CAM on 481THz (red light beacon) at a distance of 32km from the Nine Mile Hill site where I was active in the UHF contest. Signal was weak with lots of scintillation, no doubt caused by the rain that started up just as I began listening with my 100mm optical receiver (KA7OEI/K3PGP hybrid). If I can find another 6dB sensitivity I think the signal will be solid in low haze/clear conditions over this LOS path. GB3CAM is a very low power light source, so copying it is a big challenge.

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