9 May 2012

Six continents on 10m WSPR

This afternoon I exchanged WSPR reports with RI1ANF in the South Shetland Is in Antarctica on 10m. This now means I've had reports this year from every continent on the 10m band using 5W or less with the wire halo antenna.

PA1B's power attenuator calculator (see link below)
As this is all getting rather too easy (!) maybe I need to follow Bert PA1B's advice and build a switchable attenuator so I can repeat the challenge with much lower powers. See his power attenuator design page for details of how to make suitable RF attenuators to reduce QRP rig output powers to milliwatts.


Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, Thank you for promoting the Power Attenuator Calculator, which is an excellent tool for designing an Power Attenuator.

I added a dropbox link to a WSPR Propagation Analysis (WPA) of you spots that I looked up in the WSPR Database.
You are wright. As you can see, you can reduce and stiil be heard. hi.


73, Bert

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, thank you for promoting the Power Attenuator Calculator. After reading your interesting article Over the horizon on 481THz, I realized that an article in Sprat has a large audience. I decided to write an article on attenuators for the FT-817 for Sprat.
Thank you for the inspiring idea.
73, Bert