7 May 2012

Monday nights at 8pm on 144.575MHz FM

Every Monday evening a number of East Cambridgeshire locals get together on 144.575MHz FM for an hour between 8-9pm clock time. The usual stations on the net are G6ALB, G3KKD, G4NUA, M3YPZ and G3XBM.

Originally this started as a regular session between G6ALB and G3XBM on 144.55MHz AM. We managed to engage in some sort of QRP related experiment most weeks. We've worked each other on all bands from 1.8-432MHz with extreme QRP and had 1-way contacts on 8.97kHz, 136kHz and 500kHz QRP too. We are 3km apart, which is an ideal distance to try all sorts of things from listening to each other on crystal sets to trying to see how weak a signal can be copied on each band: you may be surprised how little signal can be copied at this range: it is no wonder we suffer from so much interference on HF these days as nanowatts go a long way.

These days the net conversations cover all manner of subjects but, sadly, Andrew G6ALB and I don't get to do experiments so often: this is a drawback of a larger net. At some point I think Andrew and I will find another spot to do experiments on another evening whilst letting the Monday net continue as it is. It is fun to simply chat.

Let me share a pearl from this evening:  Alex M3YPZ, who has a truly fascinating background going back to working on radar in WW2 and research in Cambridge University, mentioned he had a book on how to improve his memory.  He lent it to someone   ....but could not remember who.  The joys of getting a bit older!

If you are the area feel free to call in to the net.

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Casey Bahr said...

I feel the same lack of desire to chase DX as you do apparently. It's not always the case, however. I've found that the bandmap in N1MM Logger does have a motivating effect on me. But, I'm not a big fan of huge pileups.