31 Mar 2012

8.971kHz VLF earthmode test

30t loop on the ground feeding E-field probe
An 8.971kHz earth mode (VLF through the ground) test was conducted today at 1.6km and 3.5km from home. The TX was 5W QRSS3 into 20m spaced baseline earth electrodes: one a 1m copper rod at the
far end of the garden and the other end grounded to my copper hot water tank in the house.

At the RX end I was using either (a) a 30t tuned loop feeding either the PA0RDT or G3XBM tuned E-field probe, and (b) the same E-field probes but fed with a 19 inch whip instead of the loop.

Good signals were received at both locations with the loop into both probes but there was no detectable signal when receiving on the 19 inch whip into the EFPs.

It was a struggle to see the difference between the PA0RDT and G3XBM E-field probe/preamps, but I think results with my tuned drain design may have been marginally better on this test.

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