30 Mar 2012

VLF E-field probe update

Today I compared the PA0RDT E-field probe against my own VLF design (on the sub-9kHz website) that uses an 8-9kHz tuned circuit in the FET preamp drain. To do the test I had my wife hold each E-field probe at arms length above her head in the bottom of the garden whilst I made screenshots on the PC. The S/N on Alpha beacons and 18-22kHz MSK signals is similar with the PA0RDT and mine but the PA0RDT design has a lower noise floor. So, in future I will use Roelof's design. Some measurements made by G3ZJO today compared the PA0RDT design against the narrower band VLF E-field probe by DK7FC and Eddie's results suggest comparable performance within the limits of experimental error.

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