31 Mar 2012

Elecraft KX3 - first products delivered

This email appeared on the KX3 Yahoo group today:
"I will do as I told the crew at Elecraft and help the pressure.

At 9:10 AM this morning (Sat) a nice brown truck pulled up in my drive and after I signed for it, gave me a 12"x8"x6" box that said "ELECRAFT KX3 Ultra-Portable HF/VHF Transceiver s/n 0024

Yes ... I got a call yesterday

I am hoping within a hour to be on 20 meters chasing WG0AT on his SOTA trip and putting it thru its paces on digital.

Thank you all at Elecraft ..

The game begins
You will be happy .......

Paul KB9AVO"


VE3WDM said...

It's a great radio from what I can see....now I have not ordered one as of yet. I want to see the bugs removed and some of the fine tweeking done. I am happy with my K3 and k2 at the moment but I do wish the best to all who's KX3's are on route. Look forward to contacting my first KX3 on the air.

Richard said...

Looks like a very nice rig. Too pricey for me though. With the FT-817 probably out of production permanently, the KX3 may be the only QRP rig going. 73 Dick