18 Feb 2010

Fivehead 20m QRP SSB transceiver kit

A friend of mine, Ted G4NUA, is busy building one of the Walford kits called the Fivehead. He is doing the 20m SSB version which puts out around 1.5W pep when completed. So far he has got the RX part working (see picture of the build so far), which shares a lot of the IF with the TX part. The PCB is not silk screened making construction a bit more tricky than for an Elecraft kit. This is presumably to reduce the kit cost. When finished it should make a credible QRP rig for 20m, although 1.5W on SSB is a bit lower than I'd like. There is an option for a 10W PA add-on if Ted struggles to get contacts.


g4ilo said...

It would be interesting to know how it compares to the BITX20.

Τάκης/sv3auw said...

Tim Walford is a gentleman and an excellent kit maker!