17 Feb 2010

SeeSaw - a new internet TV resource in the UK

Online TV service SeeSaw launched today, offering 3,000 hours of content from Channel 4, Five and older BBC programmes. This is an interesting development in Internet TV in the UK.  I don't watch that much TV myself, but my wife will love it.


g4ilo said...

This kind of site is the reason why my "up to 24Mbit" broadband connection runs as slow as an old 56Kbit modem in the evenings, because the copper wires aren't capable of handling the data volumes as each user downloads their own personal copy of each programme. I think there should be a hold on this sort of thing until there are fibre optic cables to every UK household.

Radio is a much more efficient means of distributing broadcasts because it uses exactly the same resources whether there is one receiver or ten million.

Roger G3XBM said...

I am luckily connected to Virgin Media (L package) and their fibre optic backbone. Both my wife and I are able to surf the net via our secure wireless network at the same time and we never have issues with download speed even when watching BBC iPlayer and similar. I think you are right about everyone needing a fibre connection right up to the house though: this is the future.