12 Oct 2009

Rybakov Wideband Vertical Antenna

For those looking for a simple vertical antenna that can cover a wide range of HF bands you might want to try the Rybakov antenna. This is what IV3SBE says about it:

"Multiband NO TRAP NO GAP Antenna. This Antenna is a small wonder, easy to build and allow you to work all HF spectrum with your TRX and it's internal ATU. It consist of a matching device at it's feed point to enable lowering the impedance of a randow wire. Winding 14-18 turns of twin insulated wire 1.75mm over an AMIDON T-200-2 RED Toroid type and wiring as the image on your right will enable you to perfectly feed the radiating element . Once finished, place it in a waterproof plastic casing used for electrical wiring suitable for UV radiations. Complete it utilizing a SO 239 socket and two Stainless Steel Bolt to ensure long life under external condition. Connect, to the Wire Terminal, a lenght of wire ranging from 7,6m onwards depending the frequency range we would like to obtain. With 7,6m we can easily cover from 7Mhz upwards, for better performance we suggest to leghten the wire up to 8,6 > 12m so to have a better performance staring from 3.5 Mhz. The Antenna will perform well in vertical position utilizing a retractable fiberglass pole ( we use a 9m fiberglass fishing rod ) so to deploy the Antenna in seconds just hook the wire to the top part and extend the elements fully. You are now ready to operate ALL BAND NO GAP making use also of the internal ATU of your TRX for portion of band where SWR is above 2:1. See Below the Antenna fully extended and in Action during a short Portable Expedition."

See http://www.iv3sbe.webfundis.net/html/Rybakov806.htm

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