10 Oct 2009

IC703 TX failure

After many years of excellent service my IC703 decided to expire on TX last night: power started to drop when running 5W on 30m then 80m (good matched load), then nothing, although I could detect a signal on the FT817, probably at mW levels.

I believe this is a common IC703 issue. Does anyone have data on how to fix this and where I get the spare parts? I believe it is either a driver or PA failure.

Incidentally Martyn Lynch quoted £45/hr plus parts and shipping to do a repair. I don't expect I'd see any change from £100.

This is the first time in 42 years of operating that I have had ANY piece of amateur gear fail, confirming that generally equipment is reliable if used carefully, so I cannot complain.


Anonymous said...

Will these be able to help, not to far from you, might be able to get parts for you.

Paul said...

Hello Roger, I don't have big problems with my rigs all over the 35 years of ham radio. But now, I do have only the FT817, so if it fails I do have a problem. I hope you can repair your IC703. Good luck. 73, Paul PC4T