13 Oct 2009


The latest copy of GQRP's quarterly magazine SPRAT arrived here today and it was nice to see my little Sixbox 6m AM transceiver featured on the front cover, alongside my car keys! Also in this edition was my article about WSPR weak signal beaconing. Since the article was written back in the summer I have been using WSPR almost daily on all bands from 500kHz up to 50MHz.

Just £6 annually gives you GQRP Club membership with 4 article-packed issues of SPRAT magazine a year, as well as access to the GQRP QSL bureau and club sales items such as toroids, QRP frequency crystals, transistors and ICs at good prices. As a GQRP club member, you can get a CD with all 140 editions of SPRAT magazine for just £4. It's worth joining just for this alone. If all other magazines had to go then SPRAT would be the one I'd still get as it is the best.

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