18 Oct 2020

Senhaix portables

RSGB RadCom had an article on Senhaix dual band portables recently. I think these are Chinese. If the article said this I missed it. 

At the price stated, these look quite good value. They are not the cheapest, but I hope the quality control is better. My main worry with Chinese manufactured amateur products is still quality control and guarantees. 

As long as the products work, fine. What happens if they fail? My experience with Chinese manufacturers is mixed. Some seem able to answer questions, whereas others cannot understand! 

I am sure that the Chinese products will get better and that the Japanese manufacturers will get a real fright. This could happen within the next couple of years. 

It would not surprise me if some Japanese companies survive by designing in Japan, but making in China or some other low cost country. It is possible that China goes like Japan did years ago and labour costs make it no longer a low cost country.

The manuals often give you a clue: Chinese English can be pathetic! Ask yourself, if the manual is that poor how do you think they will fix your radio? Would they be interested? Some would say they are so cheap just buy a few and throw away any that fail. I much prefer not to do this.

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