18 Oct 2020

2m FT8 Sunday (2.5W and the big-wheel omni)

Stations spotting my 2.5W 2m FT8 in first 20 minutes

Since about 0850z, I have been on 2m FT8.   Already spotted by a 5 stations of which one gave me an incredible +4dB S/N. This was G8TIC (170km). I suspect this was aircraft reflection. Best DX spot was by DF0MU (475km). The photo shows the stations spotting me in the first 20 minutes.

UPDATE 1218z:  16 spots of my 2m QRP FT8 so far today. It never fails.

Stations spotting my 2.5W to the big-wheel
on 2m FT8 today so far to 1440z

UPDATE 1440z:
   23 stations in 4 countries have spotted me so far today and I have spotted 19 stations and I have had 1 QSO. Who needs high power, towers and big beams? Certainly not me! Just an FT817ND and a simple big-wheel seem enough.

UPDATE 1945z:   2 QSOs, 39 stations spotted on RX and 30 stations in 5 countries have spotted me today on 2m FT8.
Stations spotted on 2m FT8 RX today

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