27 Jul 2017

Tony's 10m Band Report - a question

Every week Southgate News has Tony's 10m Band Report. Reading this you could be forgiven for thinking 10m is still wonderful. In my experience, things are much harder than a few years ago. Yes there are lots of Europeans by Es, but far less "real" DX outside Europe.

OK, I am confused: I think this is a list of stations reported and not DX heard or worked from the UK.

Well equipped stations will be able to do far better than me, but I need someone to tell me this is a list of reports and not stations heard or worked from the UK. If I am wrong, then some people are doing far better than me!

See http://southgatearc.org/bands/10metres/2017/july/july-27.htm#.WXjyBbpFzIU

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