27 Jul 2017

6m JT65

Things seem to be getting harder on 6m Es. I have spotted a station in the Czech Republic, but no-one else today so far on 6m.

UPDATE 1110z: With just 2 Es spots and 1 G (tropo or aircraft reflection?), this has been a disappointing day on 6m JT65 so far. Up to now I have been transceive (1W ERP), but just about to go RX only on 6m. There was at least 1 EI station who was spotted but not uploaded to the PSK Reporter database. Maybe the shack PC lost internet connectivity?

UPDATE 1120z: Now RX only on 6m JT65.

UPDATE 1525z: Widespread Es on 6m JT65 this afternoon to South and Eastern Europe. Best DX is 4X4DK (3582km).

UPDATE 1836z: Still plenty of Es about on 6m JT65.

UPDATE 1934z: UB7K (2733km) was recently spotted.

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