1 Jun 2017

General Election in the UK - NOT amateur radio

We have a General Election in the UK next week. At the beginning of the campaign, the pundits were talking of a landslide victory for the ruling Conservative Party. Now, in the last week, things are much closer. Last time the experts were wrong. It will be interesting to see who is right.

Personally, I think we have a real lack of good leaders in all main parties. What we need is a "centre ground" party with strong, charismatic leadership. There is little to chose between the three main parties: the right of the Labour Party is very similar to the left of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are somewhere there too. Not one of these parties has what I'd call a good leader.

1 comment:

G1KQH said...

Won't we be glad when it is all over!

Then it will be back to Brexit how can we exit?

73 Steve