2 Jun 2017

6m JT65 - amazing conditions

Just spotted 7A4TOI (13582km) in Indonesia on 6m VHF!! This is the greatest distance I have ever received on a VHF band. Extraordinary long path - Es?  My own 1W ERP 6m JT65 signal was copied in Israel earlier by 4Z5ML (3571km).  Conditions on 6m seem extraordinary today.
UPDATE 1100z: At one time receiving Qatar and Asiatic Russia (5210km) would have seemed exceptional on 6m - both copied this morning on my poor antenna. Now I expect anything!

UPDATE 1600z: Today, 6m JT65 has been more like 20m with lots and lots of spots of my 1W ERP signal. I hope we see transatlantic DX this evening. It may not happen, but after today it is anyone's guess.

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Anonymous said...

Roger, many of us on the W coast in California copied 5 or more EU stations today during the 6m opening using JT65.

Best NA6L DM12