28 Mar 2017

Russia again - NOT amateur radio

Yesterday numbers of visitors were up on a couple of my blogs. Now, I welcome anyone from any part of the planet, but it is strange how numbers seem to double and most of these are from Russia.  This is a pattern I have seen before and I know others have seen similar.

It looks very suspicious to me like they are probing for vulnerable sites to hack with malicious intent. Sorry but I think my content is pretty innocuous! 

Should my blogs suddenly go you will know the reason! If you suddenly get links to porn sites or sites offering you lots of money you'll know I have been "got at". I try to screen and delete dodgy comments that are clearly outright ads or with links to dodgy sites, but please let me know if you find any that I have missed.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

I guess it's a blogspot thing as my blog is affected by it as well. Yesterday 1400 visitors in one hour, impossible.... 73, Bas

RA7RA said...

I regularly read your blogs. I'm very much accustomed. But as you come, such a visit causes tension. Be vigilant. I was so hacked by SCOPE. I had to change passwords and stuff ...
Pavel RA7RA

Todd Dugdale said...

I have had similar strange surges from Russia over the past two months on my (defunct) blog. They don't correspond to the numbers for posts viewed, either.