16 Jan 2017

Surprise on 472kHz

Late yesterday, I turned on the shack PC's SMPSU and went on 472kHz WSPR TX as well as receive. I was NOT expecting to copy much as my PC's SMPSU is noisy. However my best DX on 472kHz RX was after turning on the SMPSU.

On 472kHz WSPR TX the best DX (5mW ERP) from the earth-electrode "antenna" was LA3EQ (769km). On 472kHz RX the best DX (best so far this season too) was LA1TN (1269km).

Overall last night I was spotted by 9 unique stations in 3 countries on 472kHz WSPR. In the tables below are the unique station spots. Many were copied many times over.
472kHz WSPR TX last night
472kHz WSPR RX last night

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