21 Jan 2017

QSY to 630m WSPR

Around 2100z I QSYed to 630m (472kHz) WSPR from 10m JT65. At the moment I am on battery power, so the RX noise floor is low. Later, I shall be on the SMPSU so although the 5mW ERP may be spotted, only the strongest stations will be spotted here.

UPDATE 2118z:  Just locals (out to 80km) spotting me, but I have spotted DH5RAE (995km). The WSPRnet database shows 111 stations active on 630m WSPR, but just 19 of these on TX.
Early evening spots on 472kHz WSPR
UPDATE 2330z: For about 30 minutes now I have been using the shack PSU with the mains PSU charging the batteries. Although 80% RX I am "deaf" because of my S8 noise floor.

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