28 Jan 2017

MSK144 (6m - 50.280MHz)

Since about 1820z I have been on 50.280MHz MSK144 mode (2W). I am hoping to receive stations by tropo, aircraft reflection and maybe MS. Unfortunately I am only vertically polarised on 6m using my V2000 omni antenna.

UPDATE 1840z:  No spots as yet.

UPDATE 1905z: M1BXF/SDR (14km) has just spotted me. I changed the TX to "enabled", F TOL 200, and the TX period to 30secs so the relay changes less often. No spots on RX yet.

UPDATE 1940z: G0LRD (25km) has now spotted me on 50.280MHz MSK144.

UPDATE 2010z: F8ZW (652km) in Alsace, France is the best RX DX so far. Aircraft reflection?

UPDATE 2336z:  For the last hour or so I have been on RX only and intend to stay on RX until after breakfast tomorrow. Maybe I'll catch some random MS in the early hours?

I am surprised how effective this mode is proving. Getting better RX DX by random MS pings would not surprise me now.

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