29 Jan 2017

First aconites - NOT amateur radio

This winter seems much colder than last. We have yet to see a daffodil out and the snowdrops are later. Yesterday I saw the first aconites out, in a garden not far from us (see above).

We are seeing more birds from Scandinavia like fieldfares, redwings, starlings and waxwings. The latter I have still not seen. Each winter we see some but usually they come as it is very cold in Scandinavia. Seeing lots here often suggests a cold winter.

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Mike G6LSC said...

It IS much colder than last winter,temps(in S E England) during Nov and Dec,2016 were about half what they were in 2015..dont have any fig comparing January.

Where I take the dog for walk,theres a Snowdrop that has stuck its head above ground,in early Jan, for past few years,protected by a nearby tree.Seems to be aways behind,sticking its head above ground compared to recent winters !