29 Nov 2016

Return to 472kHz WSPR

About 30 minutes ago I went QRT on 10m JT65 (after a fruitless day) and returned to MF WSPR (5mW ERP).

PA0A (417km) and G3KEV (232km) have been copied even though I have an S8 noise floor caused by the SMPSU for my laptop.

So far, M0FMT (51km) and M0XDK (80km) have again spotted me. I am still using the earth-electrode "antenna".

UPDATE 2020z: G8LCO (58km) spotted me at 2008z.

UPDATE 2050z: PA0RDT (243km) has already spotted me. This is my best DX so far this evening on MF.

UPDATE 2100z: G8HUH (250km) and PA3ANG (391km) have spotted me. These are early DX spots.

UPDATE 2108z: PA0A (417km) has just spotted my 5mW ERP.  Best DX so far this evening. Conditions seem to be "up" on MF.
472kHz spots in the first few days this autumn

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