27 Nov 2016

Return to 10m JT65

As we had visitors I was not on 10m JT65 early this morning. I hope to turn things on soon.

UPDATE 1130z: Restarted on 10m JT65 about 20 minutes ago, but no spots yet.

UPDATE 1340z: Still no spots on 10m JT65 as yet. I shall stay on until tonight.

UPDATE 1532z: Still no 10m JT65 spots. Unless things soon change, this will go down as a bad 10m day. There are still several hours yet. At least, JT65 beaconing in the background is easy and any openings are likely to be caught. When it is dark, I shall switch to 472kHz (630m), although it was quite late yesterday that I caught the South American stations on 10m JT65, so I had better wait until after 1800z.

UPDATE 1846z: It was worth the wait! PY2RTY (9574km) spotted on 10m JT65 at 1758z. I'm staying on for a little while longer but will then QSY to 630m (MF).

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