27 Nov 2016

Are people deserting 10m?

Although there have been several openings from the UK to South America on 10m JT65 in the last week, I am beginning to think people are leaving the band and choosing lower bands on which to operate. This is a pity as it is rare for 10m not to open somewhere each week. It is not like the peaks of the solar cycle and the DX is certainly harder to find, but it is there on most days if you choose weak signal modes.

It you just want to chat, use lower bands or even Skype on the internet. If you want a challenge stick with 10m and switch to weak signal modes.

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Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, in this time of the year you have to be patient on 10 m. I am always surprised, when I join a ten meter contest in winter. I always make more QSO's than I ever expected. It's all in propagation and activity. 73, Bert