3 Nov 2016

Early return to 10m JT65

At 0634z I returned to 10m JT65.

UPDATE 0934z: With spots already from Russia and Greece of my own signal and spots of others in France Russia and Ukraine, today is looking promising.

UPDATE 1004z: With 5 spots already of my QRP 10m JT65 and widespread European spots of others I think there is Es about. Some of the more distant spots may have been F2? Personally, I think this is Es. As I have said many many times, people take a quick look decide 10m is "dead", don't call CQ and quickly QSY down the bands. 10m is open far more than people realise. Thank you JT65.

UPDATE 1120z: PR7MB (7404km) in northern Brazil has already been spotted here in 10m JT65. I think this is the first time I have spotted South Americans this autumn on 10m JT65 in the morning.

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