2 Nov 2016

2m JT65?

Although, with some difficulty, I tried WSPR on 2m, I have never tried JT65 on 2m. As I recall, the main issue on 2m WSPR was drift and getting the rig on frequency. Frequency would be an issue still, but the 1 minute TX period is likely to make aircraft reflections more commonplace. Perhaps there are better modes for QRP DXing on 2m? I only have 2W and an omni antenna, so MS is out.

I don't even know the frequencies to use on 2m.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger

There must be some rigs on the market that you can lock to a external frequency standard or Software that can correct drift at VHF.
There must also be some software for disabling your Transmission during Aircraft flutter.


Bob G3WKW said...

I will give it a try Roger. During the EME contest I heard a station in Norfolk and we must have had our antennas parallel at the time. He was calling a ZL station but I didn't hear them make contact. Aircraft scatter does desensitise when it is bad, I have been monitoring both GB3VHF and GB3UHF, and see a lot of flutter. Stability shouldn't be too much of a problem with JT65B.

Roger G3XBM said...

I can beacon "B G3XBM JO02" and look on PSK reporter maps first to see if you can copy me Bob. What frequencies are used in the UK Bob?

Bob G3WKW said...

I am not sure of any agreed watering hole. Clearly those in the program are not suitable. The EME guys use something like 144.120-160 I though 176 would have. JT65 ring to it but might get hassle from microwave talkback users. 144.166 looks reasonable if we can dodge the TV interference! I have been monitoring it for a while and have a line at 2750Hz but otherwise clear. Let's give it a go, Listening and reporting