5 Nov 2016

Disappointment on 10m JT65 today

After a promising start, today has been a disappointment on 10m JT65. It is now 1538z and although I have spotted 8 countries and 3 continents on 10m JT65, not a single person has copied me! I checked all was well about 1 hour ago.

Things could change, but I am beginning to think this is not going to be so good. 10m is like this: some days it defies the forecasts and is good. Other days, like today, it started off well and has gone downhill. Ho hum - better luck tomorrow? I shall remain on 10m JT65 until bedtime in the hope it will improve.

There is a newer version of WSJT-X, although I don't think this is on general release yet. I may try this although V1.6 seems to serve me well.

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