5 Nov 2016

Choosing a new band for JT65 this evening and overnight

As the 10m JT65 DX seems to have ended for the night, I might try JT65 on a completely different band this evening and overnight. I have yet to choose a band. Although I have tried WSPR on most bands, I have yet to try JT65 on the lower HF bands or MF. This could be fun. I shall need to use the auto ATU. Whatever band is chosen, I shall be beaconing "B G3XBM JO02".

UPDATE 1945z:  In the end I chose 30m using my Par antenna via the ATU. We'll see what happens. The local noise level is very high compared with 10m.

UPDATE 2014z: This is puzzling. No spots given or received as yet. Am I using the right frequency? I was using 10.138MHz but maybe I should try 40m instead? I have now QSYed to 7.039MHz on 40m but still just 1 spot. Compared with 40m and 30m WSPR, results so far have been very disappointing.

UPDATE 2100z: Would someone please let me know the correct JT65 frequencies in Europe Judging by the levels of activity I am sure I cannot be using the correct frequencies.

UPDATE 2122z:  In view of my confusion, I think I am going to move to 14.076MHz. Moved to 20m at 2125z.

UPDATE 2134z:  Here was me expecting loads of 20m JT65 spots! So far, nothing given or received.  Maybe I am assuming these HF bands would be "open".

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