28 Aug 2016

New rig - not at the moment

I was going to invest in an IC7300, but, for the moment, I have decided not to bother. The FT817 serves me well and I am not that interested in running more power. If the price drops a lot I might think again.  The FT817 certainly serves my needs on 10m and 6m JT65 even on the middle power setting. I also have a transverter for 630m (see my design in the latest QST). I also have a stand-alone 500mW WSPR beacon for 10m.


Phil S said...

I too was tempted, but the initial excitement has worn off. The 7610 looks even more exciting, but expensive! However, I read last night that Yaesu are replacing the FT-991 with the FT-991A which boast a real-time spectrum display - that makes it more interesting than the original 991, for me anyway.
On the other hand, I already have three HF rigs, so I can't justify another :)
Phil G4HFU

Phil S said...

Owners of the original 991 should not be upset - Martin Lynch are saying that they expect a hardware mod (new PCB?) to provide the real-time scope on the original 991. Price of the FT-991A is given as £1189. A bit more than the original 991 which currently can be had for £839 after Yaesu's current £80 cash back.