28 Aug 2016

Es - don't give up!

With another day with respectable Es on both 10m and 6m, the Es season is not yet over. OK there are probably fewer openings than a few months ago, but there are openings and when these bands are good for Es they are good. I recommend WSPR or JT65 as a way of detecting these openings. I find JT65 better on 6m as the levels of activity are greater. WSPR is theoretically able to work with even weaker signals. JT9-1 works on 10m and occupies far less bandwidth than JT65, which is already quite narrow and much better than CW.

UPDATE 1155z:  Quite a few Es spots from Europe on 6m JT65. I'll probably switch to 10m JT65 shortly.

UPDATE 1825z: 10m Es has returned. Just been spotted in Sweden.


test said...

Hello Roger,
Did you try JT6M on 50.230 ? It's very good with short openings or meteor scatter, like FSK441 it uses periods of 30s. I've done a few contacts with it, really enjoyable.
My best 73, Tom F8COD

Roger G3XBM said...

No Tom, I haven't tried this mode.