16 Jul 2016

WSJT-X versus JT65-HF software

On 6m JT65, I have reverted to WSJT-X v1.6 from JT65-HF. For some reason, I seem to RX more stations with WSJT-X. A few days ago I had some locals reporting a "ghost" TX signal some 700Hz HF but I have not heard again, despite asking, so I am carrying on with using WSJT-X V1.6. For those not familiar with WSJT-X V1.6 it combines JT65, JT9-1 and WSPR into one package.

For those not familiar with it, JT65 allows basic QSOs and is not that much worse than WSPR. Activity on 6m is far higher than WSPR.  Software is free.

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