16 Jul 2016

6m JT65 and 10m WSPR

Plenty of early Es about and lots of 6m spots already.  Today could be a good day, but still to catch a transatlantic Es opening here on 6m JT65. Most 10m WSPR spots have been local.

UPDATE 1055z:   Best DX on 6m JT65 TX was a spot by SV1NZX (2421km) in the early hours of the night. On 6m RX I have spotted Ukraine on JT65.

UPDATE 1842z:  Still to see any transatlantic Es DX on 6m JT65. I keep looking, but no luck as yet on TX or RX. I am sure the chances are better than on 6m WSPR. I shall be on overnight again, ever hopeful.

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