6 Jun 2016

VHF/UHF tropo forecasting

Usually I go on 2m and 70cm (mainly the Tuesday evening UKAC sessions) and work what I can with my QRP.  Some users use prediction maps, to get some idea of the likely tropo ranges. I came across one today and there is Hepburns available at http://www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo_eur.html . No doubt keen users have their own favorite.

A reminder that tomorrow evening is the June 2m leg of the RSGB's UKAC contest. This is usually well supported. With the fine, settled, weather there are likely to be quite a few portable stations out and about on good hilltop sites. Even with 5W QRP and an omni antenna I can usually work about 200km in flat conditions, further with a lift, from home.

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