6 Jun 2016

EU referendum June 23rd 2016 - NOT amateur radio

This has not been an easy decision. There have been lies and errors on both sides of the debate. My considered view taking a long hard view of the facts as I can discern them is to vote IN that is remain in the EU.

Yes, there is a lot wrong with the EU but my considered view is we are better off IN than outside. In the coming years we need to work towards changing the EU from within, so that there is more focus on efficiency, a common market and less on a United States of Europe, unless those who want it continue down this path. Leave the rest to strive for a level playing field. As far as the UK is concerned we, of course, want peace in Europe, but this should come by removing trade barriers and not a U.S.E..

There has been a lot of poor debate in this referendum build up.


Anonymous said...

I can't understand why David Cameron and the Government decided to have a referendum, he seems to have created a rod for his own back. If it is a close vote he will be gone before the next G Election. We could end up with P.M Johnstone and President Trump a far worse outcome than a EU out vote. Gordon Brown did a U turn on having a EU referendum. Gordon was wise and clever not like this lot of clowns.

Hugh said...

Cameron offered a referendum because of the Tory party split/rebellion, risking he would emerge triumphant (which now seems increasingly less likely)! Brown wasn't so clever selling half the UK gold reserves at rock bottom gold prices- A few years later, they would have come in very useful. On the other hand, he kept the UK out of the Euro, although not for the reasons we now think. I have to agree though, anything is better than Trump and Boris. I personally do not see how anyone can even contemplate this dangerous baffoon Johnson as the PM. Hopefully this can be avoided. Here in France, the worry is the rise of the Le Pen clan or the communists, given the high unemployment rate, but that's a different story. G6AIG