8 Jun 2016

SPAM? - NOT amateur radio

Today I got an email purporting to be from Microsoft saying that they think my email address was compromised.

Now, this may be a SPAM, but if you have received any suspicious emails supposedly from me, please accept my apologies. As always DO NOT open links you do not trust or know to be safe. If you have received anything odd, purporting to have been sent by me, please let me know.

Hopefully the issue has been dealt with and you should not get further trouble. If this is a SPAM please let me know too as my mail account did not see this as SPAM.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good advice Roger

Don't answer any phone calls saying they are from your bank.or Microsoft or your utility company
The latest scam is false mail boxes glued to your door when you are away.to intercept any post from your bank.
Never post any pictures on social networks until you come back of Holiday
If you are going away in your car always ask someone who parks on your street to park their car on your drive.
We get colld calls from someone claiming to be from Microsoft saying there is a problem with your P.C
They get very abussive when you don't deal with them and we just slam the phone down on them.
Do not give out home address, pass words email PIN numbers etc
When dealing with your bank always correspond by post only except when you need to call them if you lose your bank card.