8 Jun 2016

Acoustic DXing?

This morning I awoke early and could hear a distant church bell tolling at 6am. It could not be heard at 7am. Acoustic conditions must have been perfect - quiet, maybe a mist? The nearest church other than our local church is 2 miles away. It could have been from much further away. The sound was heard in bed and came from the west I think.

In WW1 the guns on the front in France could sometimes be heard in England over 100 miles away.


Anonymous said...

A trip to Talyors Bell Foundry and museum in Loughborough is highley recommended. You will have to arrange a time and date with the curator.


Roger G3XBM said...

My grandson (8) would love that as he is mad on bells! I think he is too young to go on such a visit. I know he is too young to go around the Whitechapel Bell Foundry.

Ken May said...

Hi Roger,
now there is an interesting DX idea for through the ground comms- I saw this on the internet-
....using recordings made with calibrated, bottom-moored hydrophones. Blue whales were located up to a range of 200km.....

Need to swap your earth rods for hydrophones hihi.

73 Ken G4APB