3 Jun 2016

Profound exhaustion - NOT amateur radio

Since my stroke almost 3 years ago I have suffered from bouts of profound exhaustion after doing physical or mental work for more than about 20 minutes. No-one and I really do mean no-one seems to get it including medics, my wife, friends etc. They all say how well I look and assume I am fine.

Well, I am definitely not right! No matter what, this exhaustion is profound and quite unlike anything I've known before. It is not tiredness, just a feeling of utter exhaustion. After a short rest I am fine again.

To be honest this gets me down. As hard as I try, this never seems to go away. I hate it. In an ideal world I would rest more, but I know this is impossible.

I have great sympathy for others who have hidden disabilities: people may look fine on the outside but feel dreadful inside. This is how I am a lot of the time. Not always mind you. There are better days and times.


Anonymous said...

The side effects of some Cancer treatments can cause fatigue and exhaustion. Quality of life is not the same,but it is good and many of us are still around when the odds were stacked against us.

Anonymous said...

It must be very frustrating not being able to carry out a task without being exhausted.

Joshua Tolley said...

I read this and figured I wanted to leave a comment of encouragement, not just because it's a painless, nice gesture, but because something inside suggested I might be able to do some real good with my comment. I wasn't able to determine what I could say, though, so I saved it for later, and now that "later" has arrived, I still don't know what to say, beyond "God bless you".