28 May 2016

472kHz WSPR

Despite it being nearly the longest day, I still go on 472kHz WSPR most nights. Although there are fewer active stations on the band at this time of the year, the activity is surprising. Quite a few stations spot me and most nights at least 3 unique stations are spotted. For most, this is a noisy time of the year with QRN peaking in the summer months. For me at least, this band is more productive than 6m WSPR. It is easy to switch bands after dark, so I shall probably keep plodding along on 6m WSPR in the daytime and MF after dark. I also tend to be 100% TX on 10m WSPR most days. The Par end fed is used on 10m and the V2000 vertical on 6m WSPR. WSPR gets used far more than JT modes as I do not have to be in the shack and can monitor on a PC in the lounge or iPod Touch in the garden. The shack gets visited as soon as I spot a problem (it takes seconds) or to resync the PC and 10m WSPR beacon to internet time. This happens automatically every 10 minutes, but I do a manual resync most days a couple of times just in case.

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