30 May 2016

10m and 630m WSPR today

10m was open (again) early for Es propagation with my 10m 500mW spotted as early as 0706z this morning right across Europe. I have been spotted by G8LCO (58km) on 472kHz (630m). I have still to be spotted by Es outside Europe. I am still hoping for some transatlantic Es on 10m but I've been unlucky so far.

 6m was open for Es today, but I suspect most are working DX on SSB and CW rather than WSPR.

UPDATE 1950z:  It seems odd that most of the late 10m Es spots are from Scandinavia. This evening there were spots from Denmark and Norway LA3JJ (993km). In past Es seasons I have noticed later openings from the north. I resynced the beacon and PC about an hour ago.

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