18 Mar 2016

Moving to 472kHz WSPR

Well, what a disappointment 10m WSPR has been today.  Just 2 spots from G4CUI (172km) earlier and nothing else all day. I am about to QSY to 472kHz WSPR where even my 5mW ERP gets spotted and I always spot DX.

I shall stay on 472kHz WSPR overnight until breakfast time.

UPDATE 1705z:  I have now moved to 472kHz WSPR.

UPDATE 1840z:   G4FKK (106km) has spotted me many times so far tonight. As yet, I have not spotted others tonight.

1 comment:

Hugh said...

10m dead all day. One Italian on CB (visible on 2.5MHz wide SDR) but no
sign of any activity (beacons, cw ssb etc) (nr Paris) Like you, I keep an eye on 10m, ready to jump when the propagation opens. G6AIG