19 Jan 2016

QSY to 40m

In a few minutes I am going to QSY to 40m WSPR for a change from 10m WSPR. On this band, the antenna is very low, but I may leave the rig running overnight to find out what is possible. I shall be TXing at 2W for 20% of the time and on RX looking for others for 80% of the time. It may be a little while before things stabilise.

I shall be monitoring WSPRnet on a different PC in the lounge, with periodic visits to the shack to check all is well.

UPDATE 1924z:   I had to install Windows Updates on the shack PC, but I've been on 40m WSPR for a little while and have been spotted in Germany and Holland so far at 2W.   Even though the antenna is low on 40m, it gets out.
UPDATE 1938z:  These were the results in the first 30 minutes on 40m WSPR.

UPDATE 2135z:  So far this evening my best DX is FY5KE (7117km) in South America who has spotted my 2W on 40m WSPR 4 times. This is despite my antenna being very low for 40m. The reports were very good too. I have also spotted him on 40m WSPR this evening.

UPDATE 2300z:   Now W4MO (7272km) is spotting me on 40m WSPR.  Despite my antenna being very low for 40m, it has already reached 3 continents this evening.

UPDATE 2315z:   FY5KE (7117km) has spotted my 2W to a very low antenna on 40m WSPR 14 times so far this evening on 40m WSPR.

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