19 Jan 2016

Good advice - NOT amateur radio

I found this on Facebook earlier.  Personally, I think it is good advice. I think it originated in the USA judging by the style.

Following Graham's link below, here is an earlier version (added 1918z):


Paul Stam said...

I agree.

Graham said...


That is some of my favourite advise. I have a similar piece printed out and posted near my desk.

This particular bit of save advise has been around for quite some time and in a number of variations but all are basically the same. My favourite version I found here (long link to Google books):

and is from the book Jonah by Jan Wells. if the link doesn't work, you can search for "29 secrets to happiness Jonah Jan Wells and google should point you right there, it is on page 95 of the above noted book. I have also seem the list shortened to 20 or 23 or 25 "secrets".

I did find some references to an Amish newsletter and another indicating possible origin as to a Rev Tom Stewart. I think you are correct, the style points to a US origin and quite likely mid to late 1800's or early 1900's which just goes to show that such sage advise is timeless. Other than that, I have never been able to definitively identify a source. I could very well be a collective piece in that numerous individuals have added to the original over the years.

cheers es 73, Graham ve3gtc