1 Jan 2016

Low 472kHz WSPR activity on TX in Europe

Although WSPRnet shows 64 active stations on 472kHz WSPR,  just 8 of us are transmitting on 472kHz WSPR in Europe! This is a very low number. I do wish more were active.

UPDATE 1948z:  EA5DOM (1525km) is now the best DX on 472kHz WSPR RX here this evening. I am still using the "barefoot" FT817 without an external preamp and with the earth-electrode "antenna". At this QTH I am blessed with a very low man-made noise level. On TX the ERP remains close to 5mW (20%).


Anonymous said...

With a 60 cm active antenna or a wire loop totaled 46 spots on 160M in 24 hours, 6 from the USA. That's from a tiny garden in a busy large town. Yes MF is a bit short of transmitters - that may be because quite a few are trying the Transatlantic route on topband which has been electric in the last few days.

If you run a e-field antenna AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE say more than 10M you will hear bags more on LF, MF and 160. Or use a loop AWAY FROM THE HOUSE . The signals are there but they get obscured by domestic noise, putting the sensor away from the house is a day and night difference. You can often get a 20-30dB improvement in noise level.

Very best wishes for the New Year Roger from one of your Blog fans.


Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Alan and continued good luck especially on 160m. Local noise is NOT a problem here. Even with maximum sensitivity (ext preamp) I still copy the same stations)!!