30 Nov 2015

Stroke artifacts - NOT amateur radio

I have only just noticed this one! It seems I miss out some key words when I write on my blogs. It is as if I think they are there and they are not. As always, I try to correct the errors as soon as I spot them. If any words are missing please blame it on my brain!


Eldon R. Brown SR said...


This is the plight of the Dyslexic, and I wish "it" on no one.

I have been dealing with severe Dyslexia for many years. I know, my blog is full of mistakes; missing words, missing word suffices, and/or reversed words. I just do NOT see the mistakes, obviously when I do, I correct them.

As a young kid Dyslexia was terrible, but now I understand Dyslexia and rejoice in its advantages.

The good news is, after my Stroke in 2007, my brain got better, I could actually think clearer, and understand more. I am "very" lucky.

I found it interesting, during my initial Stroke recovery, I could only see the left-half of any written word, even though I was staring straight at each of them.

I wish you well my friend, and a long life.

I enjoy reading your blog and always look forward to the updates.

Eldon - WA0UWH

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you Eldon. All the best.